Giraffe Playground

Where giraffes come to play






For reasons of a fantastic nature, the mystical origins of the Giraffe Playground shall forever remain a secret.


Here at Giraffe Playground we strive to do what giraffes do best: effortlessly eat the leaves from the tops of medium sized trees! No wait, that doesn't sound right... Oh no, that's not it at all! That's what those stupid giraffes wanted to write. Sorry about that. Here at Giraffe Playground our mission is to make applications so entertaining, that people all around the planet will have an uncontrollable urge to spend a trivial proportion of their wealth on our products.


Larry Werner

This is kind of awkward, but since I'm the only person that works here, and that professional copywriters don't accept Monopoly money, I'm going to have to write my own blurb. My name is Larry, and I take care of pretty much everything that's ever happened here at Giraffe Playground, and well, I also founded it. I also just discovered that copy-writing is a lot more challenging than I thought, as I am already out of things to say about myself! I really hope you enjoyed this extremely informative paragraph.