Highway Hustle



Download media package - 60MB

The Game

Fun animated characters take turns at attempting to cross a busy six lane highway. Not all of them make it to the other side... Can you guess which ones?

Absolutely AMAZING features

- 5 Unique roads to play on
- 10 Glorious "Crash FX" to unlock
- Dynamic lighting / time of day
- Unity(tm) physics make every crash unique
- Jam packed with eye watering particle effects

Easy as 1 2 3, only requires ~10% of your attention!

- Play during important meetings
- Play during class
- Play during that annoying show your SO forces you to watch
- Play during important life events

User friendly Ads, and In-App Purchases

- No unsolicited advertisements (no surprise pop-ups, EVER)
- No pressure to buy anything... EVER

Google Play Games integration

- Easily compete with your friends through online leaderboards
- Unlock achievements to experience feelings of accomplishment


A typical round of "Gamble"

One of the many "Crash FX" you can unlock in Highway Hustle

Gameplay Images

Highway Hustle

Place bets on random cartoon characters' capacity to successfully cross the highway... Or not!

Highway Hustle

Sit back, relax, and profit from correct guesses!

Highway Hustle

Choose from a wide selection of Crash FX, fun animations to enhance your enjoyment!

Highway Hustle

Here's the "Fireball" Crash FX. It will impact with the highway, and it will be spectacular!

Highway Hustle

Yet another Crash FX! This one here is called "Will-O-Wisp", and it's absolutely fantastic!

Highway Hustle

A typical crash in the "Town Square", a level only the most skilled of players will ever see!



Which platforms support Highway Hustle?

For the moment, Highway Hustle is an Android exclusive. It is only available for download in the Google Play Store

Are you going to target other platforms?

Absolutely! I'm already working on the Windows Store version of the game, which will be compatible with all Windows 10 devices.

I would love to publish to iTunes/iOS, but unfortunately, I do not own an Apple computer, and so it is currently impossible for me to develop for iOS. As soon as I can afford it, I will publish Highway Hustle iTunes!

I have a suggestion for improving/expanding Highway Hustle, who do I talk to about this?

Leave a review on the Google Play Store listing of Highway Hustle!

In the very near future, we will be creating a subreddit which will be the goto place to discuss Highway Hustle; we're just waiting on the GiraffePlayground account to be old enough for subreddit creation privileges.



Highway Hustle runs slow on my device.

Possible solution: go to the settings menu, and slide the "graphic" bars ("quality" and "shadows") all the way left (minimum).

Additionnaly, you might want to insure you have no other apps running in the background. The procedure to do this varies by version of Android and by Device, please consult your device's documentation.

If neither of these solutions fixes the problem, it is possible the app's requirements exceed the capabilities of your device; in this case, there is nothing more to be done.

It takes forever to login/interact with the cloud.

Make sure you have a stable and fast internet connection, either via wireless network, or WiFi; poor connectivity is usually the culprit in this instance.

That being said, it seems our "bridge" to Google Play Services has trouble playing nice with certain WiFi configurations, and we are still trying to figure out exactly why. You can be sure that we will release an update as soon as we solve it!

Feel free to cancel the request, you will only really have a "game breaking" problem if you decide to continue your game on another device before your progress is saved to the cloud.